The Project

Many Artists. One Image.


CCF Desktop Image Preview

2012 Wallpaper

Each comic creator who participates contributes an original drawing of one of their characters. We compile all of these images into one single wallpaper, available for download when people donate to the cause! The hope is that readers will be excited to participate in our donations drive, and that the wallpaper will be used to generate interest in the project. All of your favorite characters on one screen!


Time Line.

2011 Wallpaper

December 2nd is International Abolition Day. We will be starting the drive on Monday, December 2nd through Friday, December 14th.

All participating artists will be asked to send in their image by November 22nd.


How To Participate.

Send an email [email protected]

Be sure to include your full name, webcomic name, and website URL and a 70 x 70 pixel image of your character to be used next to your name on the creator list.

(Note: If you participated last year, you will still be in our system and do not need to resubmit your info or avatar – let us know if you are a returning participant!)

Once you’re on the list, you will receive instructions via the email list containing the full details on submitting your artwork. (Note: Instructions are also now found below the following image)

This year’s theme is Awkward School Photos!

The Details

-All characters MUST be creator owned (by yourself, or your creative team).

- Your character should be elementary through high school aged in their photo. The most of your character that we should see is from the waist up – we want these to look like classic school photos!

-If your last name is between A – M, please use one of the following three backgrounds for your artwork (click on the thumbnail for the full sized background)

If your last name is between N – Z, please use one of the following three backgrounds for your artwork (click on the thumbnail for the full sized background).

-Your submitted images should be 3×4″, at 300 dpi, with one of the provided backgrounds, saved as a jpg.

-Save your image like this:  lastname_comic.jpg  (ex: innes_dreamer.jpg)

Still not exactly sure what we need from you?  Send us an email at [email protected]


Get the word out!

Please, spread the word! Advertise your participation in the drive using the handy banners found on the Media page.  Post in forums, blogs, the comments section of your favorite sites, tweet about it, we don’t care how you do it–get creative and be loud! Ask your favorite comic creator to get involved! Make your friends aware!

One person alone won’t accomplish much, but together… we can really make a difference.

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